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Our specials board is looking goood! 💥 The Chairman Mao Pork Cheeks have been flying out of the kit
Chairman Mao's twice-cooked Pork Cheeks $16 special this week 😏🙈👌🐷_#yumyum #autumnflavours
Its the perfect evening for eating outside! All of our menu items can be taken away too - best serve
Take a look at our #Vegan #PokeBowl 😍✨ Served on brown rice with fresh goodies all colours of the r
We have the beautiful Alice singing live tonight! Come on and enjoy 💕✨
It's soup weather today! ⛈ We have loads of dishes on our menu guaranteed to warm you up, including
It's been a Spicy Korean Chicken Wing kinda day! 🍗 Awesome picture of these bad boys with our class
We've had an absolutely killer week! 😅 We cranked out so many dishes, including loads of our beauti
It's scorching today! ☀️🔥_We're cooling down with iced _forageandbloom tea! This is Clarify, a refr
We've spent today at the Whitianga Summer Concert catering for the musos, having a boogie and lookin
Have you tried our Spicy Squid Bowl_ 🦑 This lil beauty sits on a fresh green papaya salad with pean
Our boys! 👊🏾💥
We're celebrating the Lunar New Year tonight 💖💥🥡⛩️🎏🎉🎇_Come in for good food & vibes
Our classic Thai Eggplant and Green Vege Curry! Topped with fresh coconut, peanuts and herbs, this i
We are CLOSED TONIGHT for a private function 🌿 But don't worry we'll be back open tomorrow at 11.30
You know summer's here when our Poke Bowls fly out the door! ✨ These bowls are the essence of summer
When the nephews come to town & we're all out of dumplings! 💙🥟🍤💚#hospolife #hospowhanau #lovethe
This is how we start our Saturday night ..
New on the menu today !! Our fresh Vietnamese Noodle Bowl with Spring Rolls, Fresh Veges and Crispy
These lil cuties in our new uniforms! _wearjackdusty #loveourgirls #hospowhanau #wehavethebestcrewev
How good is our Spicy Fried Squid_! 🐙 This lil beauty sits on a delicious fresh green papaya salad
Awesome having these 2 goregous friends in the house for their baby girl's 11th birthday!_#happybday
Our _littleislandnz ice-cream freezer is looking pretty sweet! 😍 We're in love with the new mini-tu
You guys are keeping us on our toes! We're rolling dumplings as fast as you're eating them 😂 Here's
Monica serving up our Chicken Satay Noodle Boxes 💚💙😋_#catering #nomnom #hospolife
We have a new menu! And a groovy specials board! _Come on in, say hi and try our delicious new dishe
Happy Hump Day! 🙆🏼 We're already halfway through the week so come on in and celebrate your mid-wee
Seafood sizzle 🐙🍤🐟🦐🦑
Our tasty Chicken Pho soup, with rice noodles, spices and fresh herbs + chilli 🍲🌶🌿
Our Pork Belly Bánh Mì!! 💚 The perfect summer lunch, guaranteed to leave you feeling happy and full
The classic Blue Ginger Thai Chicken Curry 🌿🍜
Amazing cakes and treats made by _ainsleybakes_ !! Come in to Blue Ginger now for a coffee and a swe
Our Spicy Squid Special! 🐙😍
Stu's Scallop Laksa - as seen on the Festival Stage 2015 ✨💙_#nomnom #foodporn #handmadespicepastes
Scallop Festival Specials 💥_We're open all day Saturday from midday til late 💙_#getamongstit
When your lovely friends come to visit & fill your coolroom door with colour! _crudohamilton_#hospow
Goldrush Rally Street Fest is on!_#afghanallsortscars #doughnuts #porkbao #juliansfudge #tarts
Stu's been baking his fave Portugese Custard Tarts!_#yum #sweettreats #friyay
Our Thai Eggplant and Green Veg Curry !
Pad Thai.
Scallop & Ginger Dumplings with Szechuan Chilli Oil 💥_#scallyfestspecial #handmadewithlove💙 #kaimo
Yuto's YumYum Chicken Wings!_Spicy Korean Style $1.jpg50 ea
Frangipani 🌼
Get your summer on!! We have an awesome selection of yummy _littleislandnz Nice Blocks 🍦
Daffodils & Friday Sweet Treats_#carrotcake #afghans #portuguesetarts #cake
Fortune cookies!!!
Kapow chicken! Another favorite here at Blue Ginger 🌿
Spice life 🔥
Our Poke bowl is the perfect light meal as the days begin to get hotter 🌞
Asian greens are as simple, yummy and healthy as it gets 🌿
Kimchi - good for your stomach and your soul!  Fermented Korean cabage a perfect side dish to any me
YUM!! We now have two new Little Island Coconut icecream flavors in for summer! Perfect to share wit
Smoked fish wontons, made here at Blue Ginger!
Tempura oysters on pickled cucumber and mayo with ginger on top
Poke bowl! This is our pacific inspired Salmon and Tuna dish with seaweed and sesame dressing !
Awesome clip from last night at Blue Ginger! Thank you to the amazing _ainsleyharris_ for putting th
Bring on summer!! We have created so much more space and seating in our restaurant after renovating
Bánh xèo kinda day 🌞 _Vietnamese savory fried pancake filled with pork belly and scallops!
Golden hour at Blue Ginger
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Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 1.11.07 PM
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