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Blue Ginger Awarded Best Fusion Restaurant 2017 | LUX AWARDS

Last December, LUX Magazine awarded Blue Ginger with 'Best Fusion Restaurant 2017' - and we couldn't be more excited about it!

LUX is a monthly magazine + website, giving you a glamorous glimpse into the world of all things luxurious. They cover all aspects of high end lifestyle, including the finest food and drink, hotels and resorts, health and beauty, automotive, jewellery, art and technology.

LUX have a range of global excellence awards, with categories including 'Food and Drink' 'Wine and Spirits' 'Hotel and Spa' Yacht and Boating' 'Health, Beauty and Wellbeing' 'Fashion and Lifestyle' 'Wedding Awards' 'Pet Product and Services' 'Designer Awards', hairdressing, tourism and more!

Now in its second year, the LUX Food & Drink Awards 2017 have been established to reward companies and individuals who strive to provide an outstanding level of service within the food and drink industry.

In LUX's own words:

'It remains our aim to commend those who work in various sectors of one of the world’s largest industries, from manufactures and suppliers to restaurant and bar owners. We meticulously evaluate a businesses’ or individuals’ performance over the past 12 months to ensure that only the most deserving parties receive one of our distinguished awards.'

We were nominated for 'Best Fusion Restaurant', but the awards included loads of other sub-categories such as 'Best Vegetarian Restaurant', 'Best Gelato Parlour', 'Best Specialty Steak Restaurant', 'Most Innovative Sushi Restaurant', and the list goes on!

Our Tempura Oysters with Mayo, Pickled Cucumber & Ginger

We work hard to create ethical, delicious food, so it's awesome to not only get recognised, but awarded (internationally!) for our efforts too! 🍜💕

We actually had no idea we were even up for an award, until we received an email from LUX, saying that we had been short-listed for the award, and then that we had won it.

Our 2017 Scallop Festival Special Dish, Vietnamese Cha Cá Scallops

2017 was a big year - both for the restaurant and in our personal lives.

We celebrated Blue Ginger's 9th Birthday in October - woohoo! 9 years of firing up the woks and making dreams come true 🔥

We also discovered that our Karaage Chicken dish from a year or two back got featured on a Fried Chicken Appreciation Society Instagram account... okay so perhaps not as big of a milestone as our LUX award but it's still pretty bloody groovy! We love fried chicken too!

We're thrilled with our LUX Food and Drink Award, so thank you to our beautiful customers for always supporting us, eating our food, sharing the love - and someone out there who nominated us for this award! 💝

Thank you to our amazing staff for for always giving 💯with heart and smiles and serving up beautiful food. We love you! 💕

You can look at the full list of recipients over on LUX's website here!

Peace, Love and Funky Mungbeans x

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