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Come join us for a cruisy Friday avo

Come join us this Friday, 2nd March at Blue Ginger for a cruisy Friday afternoon 🌺

We'll be open at an earlier time of 4pm onwards, with cakes, coffee, board games and groovy tunes flowing.

We're thinking backgammon, checkers, connect-four, mancala, chess... and the piano is always there for anyone who wants to play a tune!

Zetta and Ainsley will have some delicious treats on the counter - perfect with a Vietnamese Filter Coffee or our classic Coffee Lala ☕️

Grab some early dinner or a few small things to share - Prawn and Pork Dumplings, Smoked Fish Wontons... and our Fresh Coromandel Oysters are back! Have them served fresh in their half-shell on ice with Kimchi, or Tempura battered with kewpie mayo, pickled cucumber and ginger!

4pm Friday, see you there!

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